As a rapidly growing pipeline construction company, Crowley Excavation continues to provide an extensive range of services including the provision of Civil Construction activities inclusive of earthworks, drainage, sewerage & water main pipeline construction, as well as other general pavement works.


Based in Kilmore Victoria, and operating in Northern and Western Suburbs for over 20 years, it is Crowley Excavation's priority to provide the best possible services to our clients in the safest and most convenient and controlled way possible. Nationally recognised training and experienced worker guidance and incentive is frequently provided and shared between our team of managers, employees and contractors, which continues to serve as an asset to our success as a company.


Crowley Excavation maintains its status as an Accredited Sewer and Water Contractor with several Water Authorities, and holds an internationally recognised certified status with QMS Certification Services for the nominated Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental standards as shown. Please see our Policies & Certification page for further details.


Crowley Excavation also maintains its Contractor’s Membership with the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Australia.